C4’s Secret Millionaire & Patron Of Worthing & Adur Chamber – Gill Fielding Speaks At AGM

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2011 Annual General Meeting – More Info

Venue: The Dome, Marine Parade, Worthing

Guest Speaker: Gill Fielding, Channel 4 Secret Millionaire and our Patron. More info about Gill below the download links.

We always endeavour to complete the AGM legal formalities as swiftly as possible leaving plenty of time for networking and the usual refreshments.

We lucky to be able to have our Patron Gillian Fielding with us again this year and to add to the enjoyment we are holding a ‘Wine Man’s Bluff’ to test your wine prowess!!

Gillian’s topic will be “The current economic environment and how that affects small business” and is sure to be enlightening and entertaining.

This will be followed by ‘Wine Man’s Bluff’, hosted by Hennings Wine Merchants at a cost of just £6.00 per head.

Download the Exec Nomination Form HERE

Download the AGM Agenda HERE

Download last year’s minutes HERE

A Bit About Our Speaker!

Gill Fielding is a self made millionaire and mother who featured in C4’s first “Secret Millionaire” series and she now works with James Caan among others in his Entrepreneurs Club.

Having started life in a poor family in East London Gill now lives in luxury in Sussex with her husband, three children and five cats.  Here are Gill’s secrets to creating wealth:

a) Property. Gill’s approach to property investing is to have two core strategies which are: basic capital appreciation by refurbishing and perhaps developing large up market properties, and forced appreciation with income on small buy to let flats. Added to that Gill likes to keep a balance in the portfolio by always including other strategies and consequently Gill also has properties overseas (America and Spain), reversionary property, conversion projects and anything that falls into the portfolio under the creative finance banner.

b) Equities. Gill’s strategy with equities is a more passive and traditional one because her time resource is allocated to the other two lanes of the motorway. Consequently the share portfolio is a buy and hold strategy with shares bought for high yield and strong fundamentals.

c) Business. At the moment Gill and her family own 7 businesses. The business wealth is created in two main sectors: firstly, education and training and secondly, finance and credit. This takes advantage of Gill’s two core skills.

As well as the above Gill is also a Chartered Accountant and a qualified teacher and coach. Gill manages the Wealth Club and she is also working with Nightingale Conant to produce wealth awareness materials. Gill is also one of the 9 millionaires who created the Money Club, which provides information for aspiring millionaires.

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